Stacking Modern Bed Comfort Colored (One Bed) / Made In Germany

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The STACKING modern bed is made in Germany of the highest quality materials.  THE ORIGINAL IN COMFORT HEIGHT.  It was back in 1966 that designer Rolf Heide came up with his, stackable daybed, which the‚ Schöner Wohnen magazine rightly described as a modern classic.  With a design that is as attractive as it is timeless, it is an item whose usefulness has made it a highly desirable piece of furniture for over 40 years and still now has a long future ahead of it.  Wherever and whenever an extra bed is needed, the stackable daybed is immediately accessible, offering more comfort than many conventional beds, and taking up little space when stowed away.  It is commonly found in guest bedrooms, bedsits, student rooms and children‘s bedrooms.  Of all Rolf Heide‘s creations, the stackable daybed is the one that comes closest to representing his design credo: employing simple materials combined in a deceptively logical way and finished off with a single stroke of genius that gives the object its characteristic face – in this case the flowing rounded corners of the side sections.  The  bed  was  the  first  item  in  a  series  of  useful  and  aesthetic furnishings for people who prefer a more mobile and unconventional style of living.  This model was published in the‚ Brigitte magazine, for which Heide has devised many practical fittings and furnishings over the years.

The comfort height beds are 4cm or 8cm higher than the normal stacking bed height. This allows for more space for mattresses and slatted frames. The beds are stackable up to ten beds high for storage. 




Height: Single Height: 275mm; Stacked Height: 480mm

Mattress Sizes: 100cm x 190cm (Twin will fit); 100cm x 210cm (Twin XL will fit)

Outside Measurements: +30mm in length and width

Important Pricing Information: The stated basic price always refers to 1 bed, with standard slatted frame and without mattress. Usually two beds are shown.

Delivery Condition: Bed frame is delivered disassembled.

Furniture Made in Germany